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Just one example of a "Topped" tree

We do not "TOP" trees.


Topping trees is bad practice, usually carried out by unqualified so called "tree Professionals."


All topping achieves is a long term problem for the tree owner, the new branches will grow more vigorously than before and you will end up with a much denser crown than before.


Once topping has been carried out on a tree, a regular pruning regime should be put in place. New growth that forms from the site of the topping cut can have a weak attachment point as a rot pocket can form at the cut site.


We will however cut "previously" topped trees back as part of a pruning regime.


We do not knock on doors or "flypost."


Genuine Tree Surgeons do not need to rely on this type of advertising. Cold calling is normally the work of disreputable 'companies' who have no qualifications, experience or more importantly insurance and have to rely on door knocking as they do not thrive on recommendation through good work practice.


The photograph above is an example of the kind of butchery you can expect from disreputable companies.


It can also be expensive for the customer in that the tree may have to eventually be taken down to make it safe.


These people are normally untraceable and this could also mean that you, the customer will be responsible for hefty fines if work has been carried out on trees with Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or in a Conservation area with no permission sought.



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